Environmental Stewardship

At Curtis Packaging, we treasure the environment and understand that our business’ actions carry a hefty responsibility. Our team produces eye-catching custom folding cartons that are:

  • Sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Responsibly manufactured
  • Easily recyclable

Our facility is powered by 100% renewable energy and we are proudly a zero waste to landfill facility. Our business practices are centered around using innovative materials sourced from the most sustainable areas.

Along with conscientious sourcing, Curtis Packaging reduced its environmental foot print through extensive recycling. We recycle all paperboard waste, reuse materials and pallets, and reuse ink fountain solutions whenever possible.

Our working relationship with ARCADIS and Yale’s School of Forestry allows for routine improvements on our environmental initiatives. All of our customers can join in our commitment to environmental stewardship, by including logos of green messaging on any carton.

Sustainability Report

Transparency is a cornerstone of Curtis Packaging’s inner workings. Our Sustainability Reports reference the Global Reporting Initiative standards for sustainability disclosure. The GRI standards ensure public disclosure on economic, environmental, and social performance. These metrics are easily comparable across companies. Please contact us for more details about our commitment to sustainability.

Renewable Electricity

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognizes Curtis Packaging as a Green Power Partner. We generate approximately 25% of our energy through our onsite solar array.

We purchase Renewable Energy Certificates for the balance from Community Energy. This partnership allows for the continued development of renewable electricity generation worldwide.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral logoAs the leader in the sustainable packaging industry, it’s our responsibility to manage our emissions. In 2007, Curtis Packaging became the first carbon neutral packaging company in North America. Additionally, we offset all necessary greenhouse gas emissions by investing in domestic clean energy projects managed by Native Energy.

All Curtis Packaging customers have the opportunity to convey their own commitment to being carbon neutral, through a carbon neutral logo and phrase on any packaging produced.

Green Messaging

Every Curtis Packaging customer has the opportunity to convey their own commitment to environmental consciousness. Cartons can display wind energy and carbon neutral logos with a description “Carton Manufactured with Renewable Energy in a Carbon Neutral Facility”.

Sustainable Sourcing

Curtis Packaging offers several stock choices that are made from recycled materials certified by either the Forest Stewardship Council® or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and range from 30% – 100% post-consumer recycled fiber. If you choose to use a certified stock, your packaging can display your environmental commitment through green messaging. For example, “This carton is FSC certified made from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber.”

“Paperboard is our most important raw material. As a responsible corporate citizen, we always strive to source our materials from well managed forests. Becoming certified is another great opportunity to empower our customers to make an educated environmental choice about their paperboard packaging.” Don Droppo, Jr., President and CEO, Curtis Packaging

Environmental Partnerships

Curtis Packaging supports several non-profit partners to continue our environmental stewardship efforts.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Partnership

Sustainable Packaging Coalition logoThe Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s mission is to advocate and communicate a positive, robust environmental vision for packaging and to support innovative, functional packaging materials and systems that promote economic environmental health through supply chain collaboration.

Carbon Disclosure Project Partnership

This report covers all aspects of our operations related to climate change, including our carbon and energy footprint.

The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world.

Reforest the Tropics Partnership

Curtis Packaging sponsors a five-acre forestry and wildlife enhancement project in Costa Rica. This project is part of the United Nations Environment Programme, Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign.

Reforest the Tropics is an applied research organization working to mitigate global warming through sustainable forestry and long-term, verifiable carbon sequestration.

EPA’s Green Power Partnership

The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that supports the organizational procurement of green power by offering expert advice, technical support, tools and resources.